Welcome to UCL Student Switch Off

Student Switch Off is your chance to win prizes for yourself and a party for your hall, all for doing easy things to save energy and recycle.

Party for my hall?

Yep! All the halls at UCL are competing to save energy and recycle and at the end of the year the hall that’s saved the most energy per person and recycled the best gets a pizza and Ben & Jerry’s party! To help your hall come top make sure you follow our four energy saving tips.

How do I win Ben and Jerry’s?

We’ve got loads of great prizes to give out in our photo competitions, like Ben and Jerry’s (big tubs!), bolwing at Bloomsbury Lanes, LUSH gift boxes, cinema tickets, and NUS Extra cards. These run once a fortnight and usually involve just uploading a picture of yourself saving energy onto the facebook group. Simple! There are lots of other competitions as well, get on the email list and “Like” the Facebook group so you don’t miss out.

Results so far…

We’re half way through this year’s Student Switch Off and we’ve put together a leaderboard of how the halls are doing, based on how much energy you’ve been saving and how involved your hall has been getting in the campaign*. In a few weeks’ time we’ll be visiting the kitchens to see who is recycling the best and we’ll leave you some chocolate if you’ve got things in the right bins. You’ll also get a score based on this visit which will be used alongside your energy saving and involvement to pick which hall wins the competition and gets given a big delivery of Ben & Jerry’s!  So keep up your efforts, if you’re not top right now don’t worry it’s close! Here’s the full leaderboard…

1st       Campbell House West
2nd      Campbell House East
3rd      Arthur Tattersall House
4th      Astor College
5th      Ifor Evans Site (inc. Max Rayne Hall, Ann Stephenson and Neil Sharp)
6th      Hawkridge House
7th      New Hall (Caledonian Road)
8th      Langton Close
9th      Bernard Johnson House
10th     James Lighthill House
11th     Ramsay Hall
12th     John Tovell House
13th     Frances Gardner House
14th     John Dodgson House
15th     Schafer House
16th     Goldsmid House
17th     Ian Baker House
18th     Prankerd House


How to help your hall win?

  • Save energy – do the easy things like switching off lights when you leave the room
  • Recycle – we’ll  be scoring your use of the recycling facilities in your kitchen and this will go towards an overall score for your hall.  We’ll also leave you some Fairtrade chocolate if you’ve done well!
  • Get involved – all the halls are ranked on how involved they get in our quizzes and there’s another one coming up in a few weeks.


Check out the slideshow here to see photos submitted by UCL students this year!


The campaign at UCL is run by Jesse, contact him here if you have any questions or suggestions.

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